AC Motors

T-T Electric offers a series of square frame ac motors for variable speed drive applications. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the same dynamic performance as the DC motors series. Its flexible square frame design facilitates its integration into all types of machinery.

DC Motors

T-T Electric offers its range of direct current motors designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications, adapt to machines and integrate into small spaced. With fast and reliable delivery times, T-T Electric DC motors are a top choice in the replacement market.

DC Drives

T-T Electric offers two ranges of drives. The range TT/X for DC motors and the range TT JL/X for slip ring motors. The all-digital drives provide a fast-response over the full speed range. The 4 quadrant drives can motor in forward and reverse and regenerate energy into the mains supply when braking.

Spare Parts

Using the serial number of our motors in our unique tracking system we know all the components of your motor and can quickly supply you with the spare parts that are identical to the original pieces. Our team of experts are also able to evaluate which spare parts correspond to your needs for all other makes of machine.

Specialty Motors

T-T Electric USA is proud to be the exclusive representative for EMOD Motors in North America, and we are dedicated to bringing you only the best from their factories in Germany.

Explosion Proof Motors

T-T Electric is proud to partner with UMEB Elektromotoren of Romania to bring their specially designed Explosion Proof motors to North America. Keep reading to see how their top of the line motors can help you in even the most hazardous industries.